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Pool Table Installers Illinois

This is not a directory,  the ABIA is the only source in the country that protects customers with the exclusive ABIA service guarantee.

See your exclusive benefits of the Pool Table Service Guarantee only available to you by using associates of the ABIA.

All contacts provide your exclusive pool table service guarantee by SOLO® associates in all locations.

Aurora Installs and Moves / SOLO®

Pool Table Installers, movers and all billiard table services available at St. Charles, Wheaton, Naperville, Bolingbrook, Joliet, Shorewood, Minooka, Yorkville, Waterman, DeKalb, Elburn and more localities around Aurora.

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Bloomington Pool Table Service / SOLO®

Pool Table Technicians and movers, repair, moving, re felting, any pool table service reaching Hudson, Towanda, Merna, Gibson City, Farmer City, Clinton, Lincoln, Mackinaw, Danvers, El Paso and more places near Bloomington, IL.

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Carbondale Movers and Billiard Installers / SOLO®

Billiard Table Installers, moves, reapairs and pool table service in general at De Soto, Elkville, Zeigler, Herrin, Energy, Marion, Pulleys Mill, Etherton, Mt Carbon,  Murphysboro localities and more surrounding areas

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Champaign Pool Table Movers / SOLO®

Champaign Pool Table Movers reaching up to Rantoul, Ogden, Villa Grove, Tuscola, Bement, Monticello, Farmer City and more!

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Chicago ABIA / SOLO®

Proudly delivering the best billiard services all over Chicago, IL and Evanston, Schaumburg, Naperville, Aurora, Joliet, Kankakee, Gary, Merrillville, Valparaiso, Michigan City and more localities.

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Decatur Pool Table Movers / SOLO®

Servicing with top notch billiard table services Forsyth, Maroa, Clinton, Monticello, Champaign, Tuscola, Arcola, Mattoon, Sullivan, Assumption, Taylorville, Springfield, Sherman, Williamsville, Lincoln and neighboring areas.

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Kankakee Pool Table Movers / SOLO®

Covering with premium billiard table services  Bourbonnais, Manteno, Peotone,  St. Anne, Clifton, Herscher, Dwight, Braidwood, Wilton and more localities nearby.

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Moline Pool Table Movers / SOLO®

Providing with the best billiard table technicians expertise for your pool table in Bettendorf, Riverdale, Le Claire, Colona, Orion, Oak Grove, Davenport and more places bordering the Moline area.

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Naperville Pool Table Movers / SOLO®

Deploying the best pool table installers in St. Charles, Schaumburg, Oak Brook, Bolingbrook, Joliet, Oswego, Aurora and neighboring areas.

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Pekin Pool Table Movers / SOLO®

Our guaranteed quality service reaches up to Bartonville, Creve Coeur, Morton, Mackinaw, Manito, Havana, Canton, Knoxville and more!

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Peoria Pool Table Movers / SOLO®

Top notch billiard table service available also at Chillicothe, Roanoke, El Paso, Bloomington, Lincoln, Pekin, Canton, Farmington, Brimfield, Toulon, Wyoming and surrounding areas.

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Quincy Pool Table Movers / SOLO®

Full pool table services guaranteed at Ursa, Mendon, Liberty, Hull, Hannibal, Palmyra, Monticello and more localities nearby!

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Rockford Pool Table Movers / SOLO®

Billiard table installers and movers providing guaranteed quality service at Roscoe, Belvidere, Crystal Lake, Elgin, St. Charles, DeKalb, Rochelle, Oregon, Byron, Freeport, Dakota and adjacent surroundings.

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Springfield Pool Table Movers / SOLO®

Best pool table service in the area reaching up to Lincoln, Forysth, Decatur, Taylorville, Litchfield, Jacksonville, Beardstown, Havana and further locations.

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Waukegan Pool Table Movers / SOLO®

Full guaranteed pool table services all around Zion, Kenosha, Paddock Lake, Richmond, McHenry, Volo, Mundelein, Vernon Hills, Lake Forest and more surrounding Waukegan.

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The American Billiard Installers Association offers protection, guarantees, and the most competent pool table movers that assist with moving or transporting your pool table. A pool table can weigh up to 1500 pounds or more, so it’s an intelligent decision that you have the proper training and tools for moving your pool table. Trying to move a table on with your neighbors or without the proper tools will lead to serious injury or destroyed property.

When you choose associates of the ABIA / SOLO® Pool Table Movers to do the work, you can rely on our decades of expertise and knowledge in working with billiard tables and people in the industry to safely disassemble, relocate, and re-install your pool table. With our faith, you can enjoy your pool table for many years.

The most common complaint that we hear when things go wrong with a pool table installation from customers is “I don’t want that installer back in my house again.”


Professional billiards tables are made using heavy slate that is recovered with a special wool blended felt. The slate pieces are heavy, and improper moving will lead to permanent damage in most cases. We offer professional pool table moving services to ensure the safety of your billiard table.

What the founder of the ABIA has learned since being exposed to pool table installers since the mid-1980s is that the average pool table mover will try to be affordable to be competitive with other pool table service companies in their local area.  This increases the risk that you, the customer will be subjected to hasty work, missed appointments as higher income producing jobs appear on the installers schedule and the most common problem with the “affordable” pool table mover, refusal by the billiard installer to take responsibility for damages and poor craftsmanship.

The most common complaint we hear from installers when a job goes wrong and the client wants the issue with their pool table installation resolved is “That client was rude and I’m not going to go back to their house again.”

When a pool table installer offers a cheap price to you it’s only to get your business.  They will give the impression that they are nice, they are good people and good at what they do.  We are always looking for the best deal but in this industry, it can be a dangerous proposition.  In our experience, when a pool table mover offers service at a discount or a cheap price, it’s only for one reason.  They have nothing to offer but a cheap price.

Promises to “guarantee” their work, false claims about insurance are commonplace in the pool table installation industry.  After you pay the “affordable pool table mover” their fee and they are no longer at your home and you find there was some damage done to your property or the pool table is damaged or not installed properly, they have no incentive to guarantee their work,  They are off to the next cheap job to try to keep their heads above water and pay their expenses.  They have little to no interest in returning to your house for free to spend 3 hours correcting something that they did wrong.

Believe us, this is why we exist.  The most common complaint that we hear when things go wrong with a pool table installation from customers is “I don’t want that installer back in my house again.”  So if the installer was hired independently based on a cheap price and the client needed something fixed with their billiard table, in this situation how could the installer “guarantee” their work if the client didn’t want them back in their house?  The client will need to find another company, take another risk and pay more money.

The most common complaint we hear from installers when a job goes wrong and the client wants the issue with their pool table installation resolved is “That client was rude and I’m not going to go back to their house again.” So how can the client get their pool table installation fixed if the installer refuses to go back using the excuse that the client treated them wrongly or was too demanding of them?  Again the client is going to have to take another risk and find another pool table installer and pay more money.

This pattern was identified many years ago and the ABIA was formed to remove it from the transaction, protecting the customer and guaranteeing the pool table move for the client, no matter what issue comes up.


Independent pool table movers will charge, depending on the city between $275-$700 to move a billiard table. $275 in markets like Phoenix, Miami, Boise and $700 in markets like New York and across the upper East Coast.  The total cost depends on several factors:(3-piece slate or one-piece slate), age/model of the pool table, if the move involves stairs, the distance from its old location to the new, if you wish to have new pool table felt put on and what type you want to recover your pool table with and in some areas, the weather.

The price can even change with the mood of your pool table installer that you contact or if their rent is due or they recently had a vehicle break down or some other unexpected expense.  Remember that they are charging a cheap price for a reason,  if they don’t charge enough to properly serve you, it will not be possible for them to cover unexpected business expenses because they just don’t have the financial stability to recover.  Again, we have decades of experience working with them, we know.


There are many reasons to hire an affiliate backed by the ABIA.:

  • Our insurance covers our installers so you don’t need to skeptical about this risk.
  • Our pool table installers only work on pool tables.  No generic moving companies here, it’s too dangerous.
  • The ABIA exclusive pool table service guarantee that covers your work on your billiard table for an entire year.
  • Proper equipment for disassembling, transporting, and installation of your billiard your table


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