The American Billiard Installers Association is the only entity in the United States that guarantees the work for the client, and backs it up.  The purpose of the ABIA is to provide guarantees and protection to the client for all billiard services purchased through ABIA associates.  

Associateship with the American Billiard Installers Association is exclusive. We will only work with installers who historically display the least amount of problems caused by issues while servicing the client.  This means we have over 15 years of experience working with people in the industry, the client generally is only going to move their pool table 1 or 2 times so they have no experience with their local pool table installers.  This fact increases the risk that they will spend too much money, get poor work done and need to order the service again or have property damaged with no recourse from an independent billiard installer who most likely will disappear once an issue is brought up.

ABIA associates will be known to use the proper hardware, tools and industry accepted materials that are of high quality. ABIA associates also will perform the best craftsmanship on your pool table. Use of ABIA associates can be the difference between having a nice level table,  clean installation or work done by an amateur.

Make sure your pool table move, recover or purchase is installed right by selecting an ABIA registered associate.

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