American Billiard Installers Association – Billiard Installer National Certification News

The ABIA is announcing the initiation of a nationally recognized billiard installer / mechanic certification to be developed and implemented in the United States.

It is important that all members understand the ABIA is a collective organization of members who are professional pool table installers and mechanics. Any requirements initiated by us to be used in the installer certification will be decided by it’s members through a process of the collection of information done by the us to establish the basic certification program.

In essence the ABIA will not determine the requirements for this certification, it will be the members of the us who determine what is important in our industry for a basic billiard certification.

The general goals of the billiard installer / mechanic certification will be to identify quality billiard installers and stores with mechanics so that the consumer, distributors and other companies in the industry can easily identify the companies in our industry who exhibit outstanding business ethics, solid quality workmanship performance and adequate experience to do business with or work on their products they sell.

The ABIA will be taking suggestions on certification characteristics in the coming months. Please contact the ABIA with suggestions or comments about the certification.

Manufacturers, media and distributors with questions or who wish to contribute may contact the ABIA via email at

Mechanics from all over the US are taking part in setting the standards for the Installer Certification. The mechanics are positive and motiviated about this new program. An example of one mechanics profile:

Contributor Profile
Josh Ebert / Don Pernia

Absolute Billiard Service

Dayton, Ohio

Years of experience in the industry
10 Years

How you started in the billiard industry

I started out as an install helper at my local pool room. 8 years, 3 pool room owners, a recession, and a state-wide smoking ban later, I decided to go into business for myself as a table mechanic.

Why you contributed to the certification project

I strongly believe that we need standards, certification, and representation in our industry. For every pool table out there, someone installed it. The huge majority of those tables were not installed to very high standards. A certification program will lend credibility and accountability to those of us who do take pride in the work that we do. It gives our customers a way to find someone they trust to do the job right, and it gives those looking to learn the right way to do things somewhere to learn.

Why you feel it is important to become a member of the ABIA

Simply put, strength in numbers. One person alone cannot change the industry. We need a group of people who take enough pride in what we do to establish the standards, and train new members on how to achieve those standards. Again, thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this.